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“Every morning she wakes up and makes my morning cappuccino and breakfast while I get dressed for work even though she doesn't have to get up for another 2 hours. She lets me lead and actively wants to learn more about the things I am interested in, even if it's something she never had previous interest in, like football and baseball.

Not to mention, she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. If we have daughters, I am going to have to keep an eye on them and train them to only date "System" guys.”


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“As pilots, discipline is the key. Take your time,do your checklist. If not sure about something, and there is a cognitive dissonance - (gut feeling for something doesn't seem right or a conflict), put the brakes on and stop everything until the situation is resolved.Works with flying, can work with women.

Doc, you should be a visiting professor at our ground school when we hire new pilots. Actually, for our senior pilots, as well. Mandatory attendance to learn how to handle yourself in the real world.As you mention on your CD, everything is cute in the beginning.

I see things now that weren't in my periphery before.

Doc, God Bless you and Jeff for the incredible work you're doing for us. I greatly appreciate it.”


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