Doc Love Club Former Members Survey

Take a 5-minute survey - Get 2 months FREE in the Doc Love Club :

Since I lost you and want you back, I'd like to give you 2 months FREE of the Doc Love Club!

No cost - no obligation (outside of taking a 5-minute survey so that I can find out why you quit in the first place and never do that nonsense to you again!)

I think the Doc Love Club is the best thing ever and I could blah, blah, blah about all the benefits to you but obviously they weren't enough because you quit.

I'm not mad though - because you leaving showed me there is room for improvement and I want you to be brutally honest with me - that way I'll build a better club and you can come along for a few months with zero, zilch, zip out of your wallet - or debit card - or (you get the idea).

Who pays $20 for 5 minutes work? I mean, a 2-month membership is worth $20 and the survey will take you 5 minutes - that's like getting $240 an hour!

Take the survey now - make sure to enter your email when prompted so that my radio partner Jeff can set you up with a free membership - he'll email you the details and if he doesn't then email him at

Thank YOU for your time - I'll do better with the club once I find out what you didn't like.