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Dating Women Advice: Would Odell Beckham, Jr. Date A Girl Who Wants To Move Overseas?

Dating Women Podcast Episode 28

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She made it OBVIOUS she wanted him and what did he do?  NOTHING!!!  Don't ever make that same mistake.  CLOSE, CLOSE, CLOSE!

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Hey Doc,

Megan used to work with me at a Wisconsin farmers market on weekends selling cheese curds (a popular local junk food). This was a weekend-only gig for both of us, who happened to meet there. If I was lucky, I was paired to work right next to Megan.

Before each market, Megan, me, and the other farmers market part-timers would come into the cheese shop early to get ready and package the curd for a few hours. She would always spot me, smile ear-to-ear and say good morning when she arrived. She mentioned more than once about the two of us getting together outside of work for food and drinks or something else that was fun. She liked to compliment me here and there on little things, too.

However, Megan also told me about her plans to go to school in Liverpool, England for a semester in the spring, and about how she loved to travel and wanted to live in Europe someday. Now she’s gone back to school to finish her degree and continue working as a graphics designer for the university she attends, which is an hour away from where I live. She will no longer be working at the farmers market, because she will be away at school.

Megan has playfully texted me since going back to school, and now I want to ask her out on a date. But I’m torn, knowing that she lives an hour away and will eventually live in England for six months or so.

What should I do?

Hanzi - who should probably have made a move sooner

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Hi Hanzi,

As soon as Megan mentioned getting together outside of work for something fun, you should have said, “Yes, let’s do it, next week after work.” When she mentioned more than one time that you and she should get together outside of the farmers market, she was closing on you. She was asking you out, my friend. But here’s the problem: you didn’t close on her. You didn’t tell her that you wanted to go out with her and you didn’t give her a day and a time and a place. When Megan complimented you, it was also another positive sign. And once again you dropped the ball and didn’t ask for the order. You failed to close the deal when you had the chance. You’re like a salesman who knocks on the front door, gives a great presentation but is afraid to ask the homeowner to sign the agreement and give you a check. Dude, you have to be a CLOSER. Sales managers love closers. And so does “The System.” You have to follow through or you have nothing.

But Megan wants to live in Europe someday. This is a huge problem, pal. You won’t be able to get enough time in with Megan for her to fall in love with you because by the time she does, she’ll be getting on a plane for England. Plus she says she wants to live in Europe someday. Like my cousin General Love says, “Isn’t America good enough for her?” But make no mistake, she’s telling you in no uncertain terms about her plans for the future. So all you have here is the possibility of a “long-distance potential relationship.” Meaning you have nothing at all. You never even had a first date because you failed to act on all of the buying signals.

And to complicate matters, you have another huge problem with Megan. Not only is she going to leave the country for six months and wants to live in Europe, by returning to school she now lives an hour away from you. It means that whenever you want to see her, you’re going to be driving at least a total of two hours back and forth. So this is all another major obstacle to any relationship with Megan in the future. To you Psych majors, it’s better if she lives a lot closer to you.

So now Megan’s left for school and you can’t get any time in with her. What this means is that you had your shot with her, Hanzi. What you should have done was gone out with her once and not asked her out again and said, “When you get back from England, let’s get together.” And that would have been the end of it.

You might have the desire to ask Megan out on a date now, but you’re too late, guy. You should have asked her out way back when, when she was suggesting that you get together outside of the farmers market and throwing you compliments. Unfortunately for you, you blew your chance with her. When she mentioned getting together outside of work, you should have gotten your one date in and had a great time with her, so that when she got back from England, she would have wanted to ask you out. Then again, you would still have that hour drive to contend with. Like my cousin Fast Eddie Love from East L.A. says, “You’ve got mileage against you in this relationship.”

What should you do now? FIND SOMEBODY CLOSER!

Remember, guys: when a girl mentions getting together with you, you have to jump on it.

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