Dating Single Women – 3 Things Hurting Your Chances With Women

You know what – none of these things have anything to do with dating per se – in fact they’re unrelated at face value but if you don’t pay attention to what I’m about to write then you are limiting your chances to meet and keep Ms. Right because these are things she looks for and you may not realize it!

Some of what I’m about to write might seem “shallow” and you could easily dismiss them thinking “well, if she’s going to judge me on THAT I don’t want her anyway” and guess what, you’d be WRONG because the ladies are no different than us – they have their moments where the butterflies are floating around and the attraction is heavy and “yuck” moments – so minimize your chances of “yuck” floating through her gray matter.

Dating Single Women#1: Teeth Not Up To Par

Teeth are expensive so if you find that you need to pay for dental work then – DO IT. Teeth are important to how attractive you are to her and also for your overall health (I’m not a dentist but my dentist has shared all sorts of information with me about the value of a healthy mouth).

If you have bad teeth then your chances are bad – it’s just that simple. You want to be proud when you smile and while you don’t have to have perfect movie star teeth they should be even, clean and bright. Do not leave this to chance, get to the dentist ASAP and get them fixed – even if you have to get a loan or work an extra job – it’s that important.

Dating Single Women#2: Bad Listening Skills

This is the #1 complaint I hear from women – “he doesn’t listen to me.” Some guys just like to talk, talk and talk! I know some of it is nerves early on, some of it is the fact you think you need to impress her and then sometimes it’s a personality flaw (that you should correct).

Whatever the reason you need to slow down and let her talk and then when she does make sure you understand what she’s saying and then offer follow-up questions. It’s interesting to get to know someone (especially someone you may spend years with) and also aren’t you a little bored with yourself anyway? I know that I live with me 24/7 with full access to my own thoughts so I know all about me – when I ask questions of others it allows me to know things I wouldn’t otherwise learn.

Beyond all that it’s something that will set you apart from other guys that either chatterbox on without taking a breath or brag about their toys /accomplishments (boring!) – it’s very uninteresting to her if you talk the entire time and don’t listen to her – so open the 2 ears while keeping the mouth shut!

Dating Single Women#3: No Color Matching Skills

I’m not saying you have to host your own style show but some guys I see wandering around look like they dressed in the dark! Please have a sense of style about you by checking out some men’s magazines for the latest styles and make sure when you go to buy clothes you don’t go on the cheap. I understand not everyone has a million dollars but believe me when I tell you that you’re better off with less more expensive clothes than you are with many inexpensive ones.

I would go to a good clothing store and find a very experienced and trustworthy salesperson to help you put outfits together with quality clothing – and they don’t have to break your budget either – places like Kohl’s, JC Penney, Joesph A. Bank, Men’s Wearhouse and many others are forever offering deals on good stuff – so take advantage of those deals and advice in store (although you won’t get advice from folks at Kohl’s but that’s a good place to pick up casual clothing).

The bottom line is that she’s going to notice your appearance and that means good teeth, fit body (the more fit you are the more chances you have to attract more women), and how well you dress. Hey, you like what you like when you see a lady and they’re no different so make sure you put the best foot forward you can when out there because you never know when she’s going to turn the corner and be there!

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