Dating Single Women – 3 Ways Women Help You When They Like You

I have a saying I’ve been using for years and if you’re on the scene dating women then you must keep this in mind – women help you when they like you. However, what exactly does that mean? How do they help you? What should you look for? Don’t fall prey to your own ego that will fool you into thinking that you just have to ask her out more if she turns you down.

I know you’ve heard of guys staying persistent until she actually went out with them – you might have even heard of marriages resulting from this but keep this in mind – HE WASN’T HER FIRST CHOICE – and to me, if I can’t be #1 in a woman’s mind then I’m in last place and there is no way I’m staying with a woman for 40 years when I lost out to other guys – but I happened to be the last one standing – NO THANK YOU!

Let’s talk about 3 things you should look for so you know that you’re in the pole position for her heart.

Dating Single Women#1: Immediate Digits

You ask for her phone number and BAM you get it – and yes the “BAM” was for effect to indicate that even you should be surprised as to how fast the # got punched into your Galaxy 6. You weren’t exactly sure she liked you but she dispelled that notion by not only giving you the # right away but then encouraging you to call. You should be walking away from her thinking “wow, she’s into me.”

Compare and contrast that with the woman who asks you why you want the #, asks if she could have your # or just wants your business card (or many other variations that don’t include giving her # to you right away).

You see, in the dating relationship education course I teach called THE SYSTEM women actually have brains and know what they like when they see it like when guys do. The problem with many men is their ego cannot handle it when they like her and she doesn’t like them back, hence their need to pursue if they get any response that doesn’t include getting the # right away.

If she doesn’t give you the # as soon as you ask then use this word in your mind: “NEXT!”

Dating Single Women#2: Two Years Without A Broken Date

Remember me talking about marriage up top – and how some guys will get into marriage after a marathon pursuit? I prefer your marathon to be you dating her for 2 years with no bad signs from her. She doesn’t break dates, she gets more into you as you go along and she leaves you no doubt that she’s into you.

Listen, that’s going to be a recurring theme throughout this article – the lady that really wants you isn’t going to fire off the warning bells in your gut – you know that nagging feeling you get when you feel that something is off in your relationship?

You should know 100% that this girl is completely in your corner based on her actions towards you – there’s no ifs, ands or buts involved here – in fact many of my students marry their girlfriends ONLY AFTER THE GIRLS ASK THEM TO GET MARRIED.

Yes, no down on one knee nonsense for my guys – and no chance of rejection – their girlfriends are so gone on them that they asked to be their girlfriend and now they are asking to be their wife.

Contrast that with a girl that “isn’t sure if I can make it this weekend – I have friends coming to town.”

Ugh, NEXT!

Dating Single Women#3: She Pursues You – After A Bit

Don’t get me wrong – dudes should be the one being the aggressors initially – you have to walk up, meet her, get the #, arrange the date, etc. but after a time of going out with her and laying back (as I teach guys to do in THE SYSTEM) she should be WONDERING about you and wanting to spend more time than you seem willing to give (of course you’re willing to give her more time when she EARNS IT).

So, this girl that you had to walk up to and risk rejection is now inviting you over for a home cooked meal or has gotten concert tickets for the weekend and has cleared Friday, Saturday and Sunday just for you.

This is what women do when they really like you – they don’t mess around and play coy when they’re really gone on a guy. Sure, the ego might say “well, she’s playing hard to get when she told me that she might not be able to see me this weekend” but what she’s actually doing is keeping you as the 5th option in case 4 of her other sets of plans fall through!

The beautiful thing about what I teach guys is that you identify women that are really into you and then you allow them to be in chase mode so they get even more interested. Listen, the girl that won’t chase you is either structured or not interested – neither one is a good long-term candidate.

Remember guys – keep this phrase in mind – WOMEN HELP YOU WHEN THEY LIKE YOU.

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Jack - 28 November 2015 Reply

If she likes you,you’ll have 100 percent of her attention 100 percent of the time nuff said.

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