Dating Single Women – 3 Types To Avoid

What’s that old proverb – a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step – or something to that effect. Well, a 40-year relationship can start with a single date. Will it be a relationship that is fun and enhances your life well into the regular Social Security payment years or will you feel as if you got locked in a prison cell with a crazy, vindictive guard?

I can tell you that taking any of the 3 types of women below seriously for a relationship is akin to driving drunk with your lights off towards a DUI checkpoint – you’re asking for trouble and will be going away for a long time!

Dating Single Women#1: The Easy Crier/Drama Queen

Listen, if her dog died or if her career blew up or some other serious thing happened to her, of course she’ll cry – but I’m speaking of the woman that has tears for every single little thing in her life. We had a caller on my Dating Women Radio Show a little while back that blubbered when he called her out for going running with a dude and not bothering to tell him! Really? She hides the fact that she’s going running with a guy because of course she knew her boyfriend would have an issue with it and then when busted the tears flowed like Niagara Falls!

In the dating relationship education course I teach called THE SYSTEM there’s a chapter in there called “Actress” that basically states that some women know how to manipulate guys via different methods – tears being one of them.

The “crier/drama queen” seems like a sensitive, sweet girl but she’s really a control freak trying to get her way via emotional control of you. Instead of having a real deal debate about issues she goes into waterworks mode ending any discussion other than the option that let’s her get her way.

Oh, there is one more possibility – she may not be a control freak – she might just have serious mental problems.

Either way, have fun for the next 40 years guy!

Dating Single Women#2: The Blogger Personality

She may not be a blogger per se but her whole life is lived on social media – her status updates are fast and furious about EVERYTHING and she just doesn’t have a few photos – she’s got THOUSANDS. Are you ready to have your life – especially your private life with her – put on blast for the whole world to see every single stinking minute?

It’s all cute when she’s putting up photos of you two kissing on date 5 with a nice little caption that says “back off girls, he’s mine” but on year 7 when she calls you out to 3,500 “loyal” followers for letting the dog walk in with poop on his paws, then the dew will be off the rose.

I know privacy is out the window in our ever increasing connected world and you know I’m not an out of touch technology guy – I myself have a blog, YouTube account, Twitter followers, a Facebook business account, email newsletter, a membership site and oh yes, my regular site, but that still doesn’t mean that DISCRETION can’t be followed for some things – like your deeply personal relationships.

You can’t easily keep your private life private anymore but you can do things to exacerbate the situation – like offering up EVERYTHING to EVERYONE when there are still some things that aren’t necessary for the world to know – like the intimate details of your relationship that should be between you and her – however it’s not going to be!

Dating Single Women#3: Superficial Friends

If she tells you she has a big group of “besties” then RUN. I’m not saying she’s not allowed to have friends – but if she counts this huge group of people as her “best friends” then look out (and sometimes dudes are in the mix too with that whole wolf’s in sheep clothing thing – pretending to be buds with a hidden agenda).

Just like with the “blogger woman” your relationship is going to be analyzed, dissected, approved, disapproved, re-approved, talked about, and then talked about some more with the group. If she states to you that “this group is SO IMPORTANT to me” then you have signed up to be a part of that group and have them sanction your relationship – which will not be just for you and her – but for every Tom, Dick, Harry, Sally, Jennifer and Megan that she hangs with.

Given a choice between 40 years with her and her group and one room in a remote cabin, then I’m off to the hardware store to see if they sell bear traps! Seriously, I don’t need to sign up for an instant social circle that I not only am now automatically obligated to hang with but has to approve of me for her – and basically that’s what she’s saying when she tells you early on that “my friends mean everything to me” – or some kind of variation.

The real girl you want to end up with has a few good friends and has no need to get ANYONE’S approval to be with you – and she’d rather get a root canal with no shot before spilling ANY part of her private life with you to ANYONE.

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Jim - 14 May 2017 Reply

i want.a rich young lady between 28 to 36 years am ready to love to her……

    DocLove - 15 May 2017 Reply

    That’s just as bad as women wanting a guy just for his money – but I think you are kidding here…

Inspector Fact - 23 September 2017 Reply

You left out the “batterd women” group woman. These are fkd up creatures. They join a group of abused women to sit together and tell each other how amazing and worthy they are…….yet it took 3 years to leave that abuser and in reality they still want him….but…but I LOOOVE him!
You will lose with these women. They love the drama. They need the drama and if you dont have any they will supply it while chanting….”im drama free”.
See you next tuesday…

    DocLove - 23 September 2017 Reply

    To me guys that hit women are PIGS – listen to my audio about that here: and I truly feel bad for women (or men) that have been abused. None of that has anything to do, however, with you and your pursuit of Ms. Right. What you have to focus on is finding a good woman that’s a FLEXIBLE GIVER with integrity that wishes you well as you wish her well. Have tunnel vision in your dating as you pursue that goal.

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