Does She Like Me? 3 Foolproof Ways To Tell!

I know the question of “does she like me?” has perplexed men since Adam was wandering around the garden but I’m here to tell you that it’s not as hard as it may seem – and if it hard at all then the answer to the question is NO. Guys want to take what is VERY SIMPLE and turn it into a complex paradigm and I think it’s because of the amount of brainwashing we are bombarded with in media, movies and modern culture. Somehow women’s interest in dating you has become this impossible problem that even Einstein couldn’t figure out – but it’s much more straightforward than that. Prepare to have your confusion lifted with the 3 foolproof ways to tell below!

Does She Like Me#1: It’s EASY To Talk To Her

I’m going to hit you with the bold capped italicized font here so this burns into your brain – please remember that WOMEN HELP YOU WHEN THEY LIKE YOU.

When she likes you then she wants to stay around you and talk, she doesn’t look away in boredom and somehow you just became a combination of Jimmy Fallon, Chris Rock and Louis C.K. all rolled into one because of how all your jokes are met with her guffaws and giggles (I wouldn’t advise taking your act on the road though – because the audience doesn’t find you as attractive as she does).

Get all that bad B movie brainwashing out of your head – the girl that started out hating you in real life ends up calling the cops if you keep pursuing her. Ending up with a harassment charge is much more likely than having one of those Hollywood endings where she realizes that you were the one for her (just before the credits and cheesy music roll).

In my dating education course called THE SYSTEM I teach you about the concept of female INTEREST LEVEL and how that drives her decisions for dating – if she doesn’t have it for you FROM THE BEGINNING then you are spinning your wheels and wasting time.

Does She Like Me#2: No Hesitation On The 7 Digits

You ask for her number and she punches it into your phone with NO hesitation. Period.

Oh, wait…you want more explanation than that?

Okay, I’ll expand on it and say the same thing in longer paragraph format – and I’m being purposely facetious here so you really get the concept as being as simple as it really sounds. You see, the male ego can’t believe that it just got turned down and puts up all sort of defenses such as “I caught her at a bad time” or “she really wanted to give me the number but it’s a tough time in her life” or “I’ll wear her down.”

Women that really like you give you the number right away – NO questions asked – when you ask for it. It should go something like this for you to tell if she’s into you:

“What’s your number?”



If you get a question to your question of “what’s your number” such as “why do you want that?” or “can I have your number instead?” then you have her confused with someone that you actually have a chance with.

Does She Like Me#3: It’s NEVER An Issue To Get Her On A Date

I’m not talking about getting her out on date 1 or date 3 or even date 15 – I’m telling you that EVERY single time you ask she is ready, willing and able to go out with you – and in fact she starts asking you out. You don’t have that nagging gut feeling of “does she really want to be out with me?” No, it’s obvious she wants to be out with you because she’s front and center every time you ask – or at least she’s making a counter-offer (such as you ask for a Wednesday but she has to work but immediately says “I can’t make it Wednesday but I’m free Thursday.”)

Guys mistakenly think that it’s got to be hard – and I blame Hollywood, the media, etc. for making dating into this ridiculously complex thing when it’s not. Women are portrayed at operating at a higher level than men so we think that we have to win them over and break them down as they play hard to get but the reason they’re hard to get is some of them don’t want to be gotten by the guy trying to get them! Ever see women at a concert – even adult, supposedly mature women – grasping at the star on stage? They’re just as human as us fellas – they know what they like and they go after what they like just as hard as we do.

Don’t let the brainwashing fool you – the woman that really wants to be with you is with you – she makes it easy – and if it’s not easy then there’s a simple reason – she doesn’t want it to be easy for you so move onto someone that will make it easy for you.

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omotayo - 25 April 2015 Reply

Am omotayo from nigeria… I have been following your website for the past 2 years and i will like to have your challenge dating guide but i cant afford more than 10dollar sir… Nice to see your reply sir..

john - 2 September 2016 Reply

Doc. give the poor guy a book. 10 bucks is like a 1000 over there and those Nigererian girls are tough! HA!

    DocLove - 2 September 2016 Reply

    ALL women that are worth it are tough – in a good way – but THE SYSTEM ( teaches you to be the GENTLEMAN that great women from Montana to Mongolia can appreciate – thanks for writing.

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