Dating A Woman With Kids? 3 Things To Keep In Mind

We live in unprecedented times with many children being raised in single-parent households. I’m not here to make a social statement on this phenomenon but to give you some common sense coaching on what you need to keep in mind as a guy out there in the dating scene. My dating relationship education course entitled THE SYSTEM is designed from the man’s point of view and you cannot get information like this anywhere else – my approach is unique and protects your heart, wallet, time and most important your sanity.

Dating A Woman With Kids#1: Children Are The NUMBER ONE Priority

My materials are designed for long-term relationships and when you date a woman with kids then you have to accept the fact that raising her children will become a part of what you do as things progress in the relationship. There is nothing more important that we can do as humans than raise and protect our young. I know she looks really good in the skirt with her hair all done when you pick her up but remember behind all the smiles and fun is a woman that has a serious obligation in her life – and at some point that obligation will fall on you to share. Are you ready for it?

Dating A Woman With Kids#2: Baby Daddy Drama Could Be There

It would be nice if she has a amicable relationship with the ex and the way they split up raising their children does not affect their “adult relationship.” You would hope it would be that way for the kid’s sake but Doc Love lives in the real world so there is the distinct possibility that you will be encountering a bitter ex you have to deal with.

Many times he’s still in his children’s lives and he could be angry that she rejected him and will take it out on new guy – YOU. Is it irrational? Yes. Anytime you cause drama for no good reason it’s stupid and crazy but you might have to deal with verbal if not physical confrontations depending on what kind of ex she has.

Dating A Woman With Kids#3: What Is Their Age?

If you’re a 50-something and her children are in their 20’s in their own career 5 states away that’s one thing – if they’re 3, 7 and 10 that’s quite another. What are YOU prepared to deal with? Do you want an instant family? Are you ready to deal with trying to integrate with her children? What if they themselves are bitter that “dear old dad” got flushed in the relationship? I spoke about “Baby Daddy Drama” above but what about just “Baby Drama” – children , especially younger ones, are conservative by nature. They don’t like a lot of change and they certainly don’t like random stranger guy telling them to eat their peas. Even adult children might pose a problem depending on how the sides were drawn out in the divorce battle.

Also, how is she moving you into her children’s lives? I prefer that women wait a long time – at least 6 months – to bring you around. It’s more respectful to her children if she doesn’t run every Tom, Dick and Harry up to the house so he can be “Dad for 2 weeks.” Of course if the children are in their mid-20’s then it’s different than say meeting a 6-year old, but still, the focus should be on your relationship with her and not immediately sucking you into the family vortex. If a woman tries to rush you in this manner – RUN!

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