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Never Had A Girlfriend Before? 3 Things To Help

It’s frustrating, maddening and lonely if you’re in this boat and I totally understand why you feel the way you do. Many guys that start out with my dating and relationship education course called THE SYSTEM were once in your shoes – and they were able to turn it around. I’ve received thousands of you changed my life letters from guys that have found Ms. Right. Will it work for you? Read on below and find out for yourself.

Never Had A Girlfriend Before#1: Don’t Follow A “Guru” Blindly

Many “love doctors” online will give you all these “techniques” to get her – as if women are idiots! Pheromones, matching her breathing pattern, becoming a character from a romance novel – all of this stuff is designed to prey on lonely guys and inspire you to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to blindly follow their program.

I’m not saying that they don’t have nuggets of truth mixed in with the ridiculous advice – but buyer beware. Anyone that says they can 100% guarantee success with any woman you want is a fraud – because it’s not possible due to something you have to pay attention to in item #2 below.

Never Had A Girlfriend Before?  3 Things To Help#2: “Just Be Yourself & Don’t Worry About Looks” – NONSENSE

You have to pass what I call a PHYSICAL ATTRACTION TEST by her. You don’t have to be a Men’s Health cover model (but it doesn’t hurt!) but you better have something that allows her to think “hmm, he’s kind of cute.” So many guys are brainwashed (usually by well-meaning women friends) into thinking that “looks don’t matter – it’s your personality.” They are right that personality does matter but you better start with her seeing SOMETHING in you.

Let’s take an example – you like 3 different sedans and you dislike trucks – so when you’re shopping for the car you are considering an Altima, Accord and a Fusion – now someone could come at you with an F-150 but you won’t even consider it – only the salespeople that have the Altima, Accord and Fusion will be able to show their “personality” to sell you because you want a sedan and not a truck.

Are you a sedan or a truck in her eyes? So, don’t head trip yourself on women that will never like you no matter what.

However, you need to keep yourself as good as possible for the women that are kicking your tires. I need you to be in the best shape you can be, fix your teeth if something is wrong, pay attention to how you dress, keep groomed (trim the nose hair, ear hair, neck hair and keep the nails short) and basically be as tip top as is possible for you.


You increase your odds of attracting more women that like sedans (you) when you maximize your assets.

Never Had A Girlfriend Before#3: Work On Your Personality/Don’t Be Needy

I know you’ve never had a girlfriend but you don’t need to broadcast that – we might feel sorry for the underdog but that doesn’t make him more attractive. Fake it until you make it man and improve that personality. You need to learn how to have light and funny banter with women. You don’t need to be a comedian but making them laugh is never a bad thing and act like you don’t need them. You’ll be polite and respectful but don’t fall into the trap of falling all over yourself buying gifts (even a drink is a gift!), doing favors or acting grateful just because she’s talking to you.

You’d be amazed at how many guys shoot their chances in the foot by being over the top when they first meet a woman they’re attracted to – or are so under-confident the lady can’t see herself even going on a date with them.

Remember that dating is supposed to be fun and if she thinks that it will be a nerve-wracking experience because you’re so nervous and needy then you won’t get the number.

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