How To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection In Dating – 3 Strategies

In dating some men are paralyzed by the fear of rejection. They’d rather get a root canal with no pain killer than walk up and have her laugh at them (or whatever doomsday scenario they have in mind). If you never try you can’t be rejected so you’re safe – but you’re extremely bored as well and missing out on a lot of fun. I’ll give you 3 strategies below to overcome it.

Overcome The Fear Of Rejection#1: Calm Your Ego Down

If you’re scared of rejection I bet the last thing you think you have is a big ego – but you do. You don’t have that stereotypical “I am the man – everyone else is below me” type of persona but your big ego is out of control enough to try to protect you from the image it’s created and that image is so fragile it can’t withstand her staring off into space hoping you’ll go away when you’re trying to talk to her.

If you didn’t go over there in the first place your ego can keep the image of “I’m the man” going because it can create a scenario that you could have gone over, you could have gotten the number, you could have made her your wife – but you just chose not to.

You’re completely protected as you wander home alone – again – to fire up the PS4 – again.

Overcome The Fear Of Rejection#2: It Happens To Everyone

Rejection and failure are a natural offshoot of trying. I bet you stunk at your job when you first started – compared to where you are now. I imagine you made a ton of mistakes and looked stupid at times (at least in your mind) before you “got it” and became competent. Did you give up on trying to make a living? I am thinking you didn’t because you’re probably motivated to eat and pay your rent.

It’s the same when it comes to dating – how do you know what will or won’t work if you’re not in the mix trying out different strategies? Do you think you’ll get that great girl you’ve always wanted if you always sit on the sidelines all the time? How will you ever talk to her? How will you keep the conversation going or make her laugh or make her anticipate the next date with you if you’re so scared that she’s going to laugh in your face in the first 10 seconds of meeting her?

(If she does that then she was a tool you didn’t want anyway).

You might as well tell your ego now that you’re going to fall flat on your face, just like you did for anything you were new at – your job, a new sport or hobby, etc. – but that the only way to get better is to KEEP TRYING and throw out what doesn’t work as you hone in on what does.

Overcome The Fear Of Rejection#3: I Like Your Odds

You’re one guy that needs one girl – with about 7 billion or so homo sapiens running around – half of them being of the female gender, you are looking pretty good in the eyes of Las Vegas to meet someone that won’t reject you. Your deal is to stop head tripping yourself and remember that if I gave you 10 G’s to roll over and ask for the number, you could do it no problem. Why? Because you wouldn’t care about her laughing because you’d be laughing all the way to the bank as you lighten my wallet of 10 grand.

You have to take the same approach and not make it all personal – it’s a 5 minute max encounter with someone you probably won’t even remember in the next month and hey, when you wander over, she might be happy you did because she noticed you and wanted to meet you (at that point you’ll be happy you told your big ego to take a long walk off a short pier).

I’m gonna get all cliche on you now but there’s a reason these cliches find their way into our speech – because they are grounded in something true. “You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Your ego might feel all warm and fuzzy as it keeps feeding you “you’re the man” delusions but try to tell that to your brain that is absolutely sick of Call of Duty Friday night marathons.

Remember man – what you should be really afraid of is never getting off the dime to try because that almost assures you of a lonely life – and that would be a shame since you love women!

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