3 Signs Of Falling In Love – And Why You Need To Chill!

3 Signs Of Falling In LoveYou love her, right tough guy? You’ve been spending a lot of time with her and it’s undeniable – you know she’s the one for you and she seems to be equally into you. I’m going to give you three sure fire signs below but also ask you proceed with caution because the “falling” part of falling in love can be pretty dangerous if you try to sprint instead of run a marathon.

So, you’ll get 3 signs of falling in love below along with some words of caution from the dating relationship education course I teach (called THE SYSTEM) so you don’t blow it with her!

3 Signs Of Falling In Love

#1: You Think About Her All The Time

I got the chicken dance song stuck in my head the other day – along with the images of people flapping their arms – not a fun thing to have on auto-repeat. Now in your case I’m sure that it’s her smile, perfume, beautiful hair, the skirt she wore when you picked her up Saturday that are stuck in your head.

Awesome, right? You’re just staring away at that spreadsheet you should have been working on for the last 20 minutes and the blinking cursor represents her dancing (yeah, you’re gone!)

Word of caution from THE SYSTEM: It’s great to feel this way but you’ll blow it if you stay in constant contact with her. You know how you’re greatly anticipating the next date with her? She should be doing the same thing – so don’t short circuit that process by getting in her face by trying to see her every day or texting her all day long. Space is what you need so that both of your feelings grow.

3 Signs Of Falling In Love#2: She’s The Only One You See Even In A Crowded Room

There are plenty of people around you when you’re out but as far as you’re concerned she’s real and in full color and they’re vague black and white shadows. It’s unbelievable that you could exclude everything else in your head besides her – but here you are!

Word of caution from THE SYSTEM: If you two are in love you might go the distance – I know your hormones and the newness of everything has kicked in but all of this is the opening gun to the NYC Marathon and not an Olympic 100 M dash – so pace yourself and be careful not to try to exclude everything else when out with her. It’s natural to want her all to yourself because all you could think of was her all week long and now that she’s here you want 100% – but it’s not realistic – at some point you two will settle into a relationship that has time with friends, time apart and of course your time together. All I’m saying is not to go too over the top when your hormones are in Mexican Jumping Bean mode so you don’t scare her off.

3 Signs Of Falling In Love#3: Her Kiss Vibrates Through You

This requires no explanation – you might be able to bench 250 but when she locks lips with you this 110# woman has you exactly where she wants you – or at least that’s what your brain is telling you! All I know is a variation of “YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT” pulsates from your head to your toes.

Word of caution from THE SYSTEM: As Jodeci once said in the great song “Stay” she feels so sexy and so good – and that’s cool – as long as you keep that feeling to yourself. It was okay for Jodeci to sing it and make millions but it’s not okay for you to utter it and blow it with her.

YOUR ACTIONS with her and not you saying a bunch of stuff is what’s going to keep her feelings (INTEREST LEVEL) for you high. The biggest mistake guys in love make is to blurt out a bunch of stuff about how into her they are and even use the “L” word and tell her they love her. It’s ANTI-CHALLENGE and while you think you’re scoring points with her all your doing is stamping down the ability for her to fall for you more deeply.

Listen – she is into you already – keep treating her well via what you do instead of what you say and you’ll be much further ahead.

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Zarko - 22 March 2015 Reply

Right on the spot! As usual.


    DocLove - 25 March 2015 Reply

    Thanks for your support!

nick - 28 March 2015 Reply

What about a side shot compliment like ‘Sorry my mind just went blank its fault cause your so mesmerizing’.

    DocLove - 28 March 2015 Reply

    2 compliments per date until she’s your girlfriend – and only “You look nice tonight” and when dropping her off “I had fun tonight” – anything else and you look like every other guy she rejected before you.

      nick - 29 March 2015 Reply

      Right doc but for 10 dates you cant just tell her the same thing ‘Caprice you look nice tonight.’ It has to be a different compliment. no?
      I got good results with women with a compliment followed by a cheeky comment rather than a boring compliment.

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