Breaking Up Is Hard To Do? 3 Ways To Make It Sting Less!

The end of a relationship can be painful because 90% of the guys never see it coming.

On the dating women radio show that I host guys will call in and talk about their breakups and those that don’t have my materials yet are usually surprised because they don’t understand that the lady has been planning her exit strategy for weeks or even months.

If you have that feeling of being kicked in your gut right now I’m here to coach you to make things better so please take the 3 strategies to heart below.  By the way, feel free to call me weekly on my radio show if you need more advice (get the numbers and more details here).

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do#1: She Could CARE LESS About You Now

Ouch! I know that was painful but believe me when I tell you that accepting this will help you feel better faster. You have to understand that women are very calculating when it comes to dating. She’s been giving out many signs you’ve missed in the last weeks or months but her INTEREST LEVEL (a degree of love I teach in my course) has been steadily going down. Once she built up enough resentment for you then she planned her escape.


She has been planning this for awhile and she’s trying to slip away with the least drama possible so she’ll do whatever it takes to soothe your damaged ego by making it seem like it was such a tough decision. At one point it probably was for her but she built up enough resentment for you that now she’s ready to move on and don’t be surprised if another guy magically shows up in her life soon after she flushes you.

Guy, that’s the way they operate and the sooner you realize that, the better. You’re sitting at home on Friday night with Jack Daniels and sob songs on the radio while she’s out with the new dude. Don’t let yourself wallow too long because she’s not upset about the end of your relationship, no matter how many waterworks she pours on when she’s breaking up with you!

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do#2: Do Positive Things

I know that when you’re wandering around feeling like someone fired a cannonball at your gut that it’s hard to feel positive and I’m not asking you to feel that way because all your brain is going to do is scream “BS…I DON’T WANT TO BE POSITIVE” at you. So, I’m not discounting your feelings – you feel like crap and you’ll continue to feel like crap for a little while. However, you can compound this crappy feeling by doing negative things.

If your reaction is to pour yourself into food, booze, cigarettes or any other vice then all you’re going to do is physically feel like crap to go along with your mental state of feeling bad. If you cut yourself off socially then all you’re doing is getting out of practice for the next girl and you might be out there as a less svelte and more angry version of the guy you used to be if you do the wrong things.

No matter what you’re going to feel bad if you loved her because no one likes to be rejected and you’re going to go through the grief process but you can make it worse by doing negative things.

Do positive things because at some point you will be ready to move on and find another girl and you want to do that as the best version of yourself. I know you don’t feel like doing positive things but believe me you’ll thank yourself for doing so because your odds of getting a new girl go up when you are in the right place physically and mentally.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do#3: Don’t Listen To Your Ego

Your ego is your worst enemy right now because all it wants to is strike back at her for calling its coolness into question. The ego suffers greatly when rejected so it conjures up all sorts of negativity.

Harming her, her new guy, yourself or anything of that nature is something your ego will bring up to you but as you sit in jail for 15 years for assault then you won’t remember why you felt the need to go nuts – but you’ll be paying the price for it. So, control any negativity surrounding her and the situation – remember strategy #1 that she doesn’t care about you anymore no matter what you do.

You might be saying “well, I’d never do anything like that” and I sincerely hope you wouldn’t but there are other ways your ego can harm you – like thinking you have to sleep around to prove a point to her (again, remember she doesn’t care) or overcompensating in another area like the gym or work to show her how incredible you can be.

Don’t get me wrong – negativity can fuel motivation as long as you channel it right and I’d rather see you obsessing at the gym or work rather than seeing how many shots of vodka you can drink – but remember that no matter what you do you’ll feel bad for awhile – just try to be as balanced and positive as you can be for awhile and just realize this will take time.

The bottom line message I want to get across to you is that you will be okay as long as you don’t let yourself get out of control. If you got her to fall in love with you, you can get someone else.

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What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – talk to me below.

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Wayne - 11 March 2015 Reply

Away back in November 2002 my wife dumped me for our next door neighbor. (Ouch!) The first thing I did upon finding out was I formed a recovery plan which included my exercise/fitness regimen (it used to bug her), watching comedy movies (I needed to laugh), reading How To Stubbornly Refuse To Be Miserable About Anything by Albert Ellis, daily prayer and devotional reading, and eventually finding a Christian Singles group which held dances on weekends. It took seven months but I did recover and went through a lot of personal growth. I discovered the System, read it religiously and discovered every mistake I made with my ex. (Getting involved with her to begin with was chief among them.) Courtesy of the System I learned how to interact with good women and avoid the bad ones. Twelve years later my life is better than ever. Thanks for everything Doc.

    DocLove - 12 March 2015 Reply

    Thanks for your support and great comments Wayne

gjd - 12 March 2015 Reply

Hey Doc.
My problem is that I usually have too high attraction to new girl, and I feel like a s*it, when she end it before 2-3 months. What should I do to calm down my high interest level at the beginning?

dating advice for me - 1 April 2015 Reply

How to get girls to date is only a matter of not doing too much impressing.

They will not want to perform working games yet are not genuinely prepared to just hang out.
You’ve set things up in such a way that if she says “No” to you, she is basically insulting

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