3 MORE Tips On Dating Women

Dating women seems like it’s easy to do – you’re a dude, she’s a lady – you’re attracted to her so it’s time to just go wing it!  Right?  Right?  Unfortunately 90% of the guys out there get their Visa and hearts beat up before they make it past a couple dates because they do more wrong that right – but this advice will help you reverse that.

There are 3 other tips as well in this article so let’s give you 3 more (by the way, they aren’t meant to be read in order – but I would read both of them!)

Remember guys, I’m here for you and it’s so easy to connect with me for all sorts of goodies but let’s get you to the good stuff and start you on the path to setting yourself apart from 90% of the guys you’re competing against in the dating scene.

Tips On Dating Women#1:  Never Be Uptight About The Process

Let me break this concept down to you:


You can’t let it affect you – it happens to everyone.  You’re a tall guy with blonde hair and her dream guy is Mario Lopez all the way back to  the poster she had in her bedroom from his “Saved By The Bell” days (Google that one if you’re not sure what I’m talking about!)

Point being is that you will not appeal to every girl in every situation – or maybe you do appeal to  her but she’s got a boyfriend or a husband – or she’s moving 1,000 miles away in a week or (etc., etc., etc.)

They must be INTERESTED and AVAILABLE for you to have a shot (obviously) and you won’t hit 100% of the pitches thrown your way.  The idea is not to be embittered, uptight, depressed or have any lasting negative emotion when you’re pursuing her because you never know when the right one is going to turn the corner.

If you start getting a “chip on your shoulder” because of all the rejection you’re taking then Ms. Right is going to pick up on your being bitter/desperate.  Believe me when I tell you that you’ll be much better off if you look at every woman like a salesman looks at a potential customer – he approaches, gives his best pitch and not everyone buys.

He doesn’t wander around being angry at the prospects that didn’t purchase because he’s too busy making new proposals.

In summary it’s okay to be aggravated/angry/frustrated when you get flushed by a girl you really like as long as you keep it in perspective and move quickly onto the next girl!

Tips On Dating Women#2:  Make Her Laugh

You might be thinking “I’m not funny.”

Fair enough.

GET funny.


I know you probably won’t be groomed by Jimmy Kimmel to take his place someday – but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your humor.   Thousands of times I’ve heard this from women:  “I want a man to make me laugh.”  They like to have fun on dates guy – dates aren’t meant to be a serious thing – they’re an escape from real life and problems – a chance to chill and relax for a few hours.

You don’t have to be a stand up comedian either – you just have to learn to have light and funny banter and there are a ton of ways to do this.  I’m detailing some below but if you’re looking for more ideas, call me on my Dating Women Radio Show every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. PT/8:00 p.m. ET – get more information here

*Watch the Cary Grant movies – one of the BEST at light/funny banter

*Take an improv or stand up class (no, you won’t be performing but the classes will help you tweak your funny bone)

*Get a book on being funnier

*Pay attention to people that are funny and ask how they do it if you can – sometimes they won’t be able to explain it but it’s worth a shot

*Develop in your mind that she likes you to keep it light and funny so groove your mind and actions to do just that

Tips On Dating Women#3:  Really Get To Know Her

Ask questions and listen for the answers – ask follow up questions on what you heard and listen more.  No, you’re not an interviewer where she feels as if she’s on the hot seat.  Think more along the lines of Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon – that late night talk show banter where the guest (in this case, your date) is doing most of the talking but the host (in this case, you) is moving things along by really listening and interjecting funny stuff based on what’s going on in the conversation.

In fact, it’s great to watch those guys interview people because they’re very adept at the light and funny banter you want to develop and by engaging with her this way she will relax and be more comfortable with you.

That’s the whole object – you want her to feel as if you’re different than 90% of the guys out there and if you internalize my materials I guarantee you will be because many guys just fumble around dates while you’ll have a game plan to get to know her as she’s totally at ease, having fun and wondering when the next date will be.

It’s really not rocket science but you do have to TAKE YOUR TIME and look at this as a campaign instead of a “I’m doing it all on THIS date” type of way (which many guys do – they want to get to the relationship so fast that they miss just building something slowly with her).

One of the chief complaints women has is that men don’t listen – and you will be different my friend because with me on your side you’ll learn how to stand out in her eyes.

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