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Older Men Dating Younger Women: No Country For Old Men

(Editors note:  this article first appeared in the Doc Love Club’s ADVANCED SYSTEM CLASS in 2011 & is one of 80+ ADVANCED SYSTEM CLASS articles available in MASTERY IV)

Older Man Dating Younger WomenHugh Hefner, Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern (among others) would certainly dispute the title of this article.

What’s Hefner’s new fiancé?  24?  He was 60 before she was born, by the way Hefner’s worth 47 million dollars- she loves him.

Mr. Limbaugh’s lovely wife is 33 and Mr. Limbaugh’s what?  59?  About 26 years her senior, Limbaugh makes millions of dollars EVERY year- she loves him.

Howard Stern (for years) has played the raunchy morning jock, but always faithful to his first wife, well, exit first wife (with a hefty settlement) and enter Mr. Stern’s beautiful young Barbie Doll wife, he’s also worth millions and she loves him.

Rich older guy marries beautiful young trophy wife, nothing new.

What does rich older guys marrying trophy wives have to do with THE SYSTEM?

First, we all agree that Hefner, Limbaugh and Stern (if they were regular guys) would not stand out in a large crowd of guys.  IE, women would not flock to them- hardly.

We could also say that if these older gents’ current wives were hooked up to lie detectors and asked “did your husband’s money have anything to do with your marrying him?  If they said “it didn’t have to do anything with why I married him,” the needle would jump like there was a 9.4 earthquake on the Richter scale- or how about asking her the question “is he the most physically attractive man you’ve ever been attracted to?  There goes that needle again….

The radio guy Don Imus jokes about marrying a younger woman.  He makes himself the butt of a lot of jokes about the older man married to the younger woman.  It’s an act, obviously.

One thing those older rich guys have in common, they all have huge egos.

THE SYSTEMLike THE SYSTEM says, “put your ego aside.”  These rich older guys with the young wives never do.

All of the women that have married (or are about to) older rich men have at least one thing in common.  Their rich husband’s INTEREST LEVEL is higher than theirs.  Oh, they have high INTEREST LEVEL to marry for security, IE- money, but romantic love?  Uh-uh.

Hefner, Limbaugh, Imus and Stern have 9 marriages between them (soon to be 10 when Hefner marries for the 3rd time).

They can twist it, rationalize it, and joke about it, whatever.  The simple fact is that they bought their wives.

The odds that they stay married to their current trophy wives?  Less than 50/50.

Guys, whether you have millions of dollars, or not, if your INTEREST LEVEL is higher than the INTEREST LEVEL of your girlfriend, fiancé or wife, you’re just a stand in.

Hefner, Limbaugh, Imus or Stern may be in control of their wife’s daily life, but they’re not in control of their hearts, oh if they knew what their young wives were really thinking, these huge egos would take a hit- harder than NFL Linebackers deliver on Sundays.

Why do they keep marrying young attractive women?  Because they’re young and attractive – it’s why older men start dating younger women to begin with.  They reject women their own age. Why?  Because older women remind them of themselves.

Picture a woman that looks exactly like Imus, Stern, Limbaugh, or, are you ready?  Hugh Hefner!  Oh Lord….

Guys, let me say it again “if you marry a woman with low INTEREST LEVEL in you, get ready for the pain.”

Let me revise the title of this article from- “No Country For Old Men” to “No Country For Foolish Old Men.”

They can afford to be foolish and play the fool, don’t you do it.  There are already too many children being raised in single parent homes.

Note, one quick piece of advice for older guys married to younger women, when you jump out of bed and have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (and you will)- make sure you cover that elephant arse you have, your young wife has enough to deal with.


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Zarko - 21 February 2015 Reply

Hey Doc,

Just to say hi and show my support and respect for what you do.
Also, I would like to admit that you are more moderate and patient with your readers judging from your latest articles. I really enjoy when you try and help somebody, not just calling him a wimp and telling him to go for the next girl.
Keep doing what you are doing!

    DocLove - 25 February 2015 Reply

    Hi Zarko,

    Thanks for your support but I keep it real with guys – sometimes when you’re coaching you have to speak bluntly but please know that my intentions are always to get you to the right girl and keep you away from the wrong one.

Linda Miller - 27 February 2015 Reply

Interesting article. When I was younger in my early 20’s I date an older man, he was in his late 30’s. I felt attracted mostly to his confidence. I mean, most younger man aren’t very confident. It’s commonly something they gain has they mature. I think that’s one of the reasons why women prefer to date older men.

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