Overcoming Jealousy In A Relationship – 3 Strategies

Overcoming Jealousy In A RelationshipAh jealousy, one of the oldest ways to sabotage yourself in what was a good relationship.  We all have the feelings – ALL OF US – they’re natural – but when you act on them and she’s a good, trustworthy girl with class then you will get a one-way ticket good for spending weekends alone. The 3 strategies below should coach you not to act on those feelings and for you to realize how stupid they really are.

#1:  She’s Not An Idiot, Right?

When you pull the jealousy move you’re really telling her how dumb she is. Since she’s with you but you assume she’d rather be with him then she must not be that sharp of a knife since she actually likes steak but keeps ordering liver.

That’s right – RELAX – SHE CHOSE YOU – YOU’RE THE STEAK TO HER – she didn’t choose random guy at the party – she doesn’t even know random guy at the party and didn’t even notice him until YOU STOPPED TALKING TO HER and started staring at him.

Bottom line?  She’s with you – for now – so don’t give her a reason to think she made a bad choice.

Overcoming Jealousy In A Relationship#2:  You’re Not An Idiot, Right?

When you have that elevated heartbeat and feel your anger rising because she’s going out with her girlfriends and you just know guys will be hitting on her and taking her from you, are you engaging in fantasy or do you have reason to believe that the random guys will be successful?

If the former than refer to tip #1 above – she’s not an idiot and if she chose you then you have nothing to worry about.  If it’s the latter and you really do have to worry about her getting into some kind of trouble without you around to stare coldly at any guy that notices her, THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH HER?

Why in the world would you make a conscious decision to delete every other number in your phone and go out with her exclusively if you can’t really trust her?

If that is the case then you are with the wrong girl my friend and need to re-evaluate your choice of  women to get into serious relationships with.

More likely than not you weren’t an idiot – you chose a really good girl that would never think of cheating once she commits to a guy so refer to tip #1

Overcoming Jealousy In A Relationship#3:  Get Over It – She’s Attractive!

You know the feeling you got when you first saw her? Yeah, you were into her – and the reason you have a relationship now is because she felt the same way – I love it when a plan comes together!

However, you’re not the only dude in the world with working eyes and active hormones.  No matter where your honey goes she is going to get noticed and guess what?  That’s a good thing! Again, if you’re with a good, trustworthy girl (and if you’re not, refer to tip #2, you’re an idiot) then you can imagine the other guys suffering as they hit on her and hear the words:  “I’m sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

You should love it when she gets hit on a lot because many want her but only one has her – YOU!


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