Online Dating Services – 3 Things To Know

Online dating services are great but as with anything in life there are pitfalls and things to know before jumping in.  I’ll give you 3 things below that will put you ahead of the game as far as having greater success with this platform that is allowing (as of this writing) 20% of relationships to start and flourish (and only growing).

Online Dating Services#1:  Two Professional Photos

You need one photo in business attire; one in casual gear.  Don’t let your neighbor take these shots on your Android Phone or iPhone or any other device.  Yes, yes, I know you have a great camera on the mobile device you just dropped hundreds on but only a pro knows lighting and what works best for your look.

Women zip through hundreds of profiles looking for Mr. Right so do you really want a couple hundred bucks to stand between you and the girl that might be with you for the next 40 years?

Stand out from the shirtless bathroom selfie guys with the reflection bouncing off the mirror and get her to stop and read what you have to say, which brings me to my next tip.

Online Dating Services#2:  Keep Your Profile Text Brief/Meet Her As Soon As Possible

All you should tell her is:

I’m not looking to text you 434,000x after date 1, I’m not going to tell you about all my toys or complain about the trike I didn’t get when I was 3 and I’m not going to fill your head with innuendos – I am looking for a self-reliant woman that likes to laugh and get to know a gentleman slowly.

That’s it – simple and to the point – you don’t need to sell her right in your profile text – you just need her to be intrigued.

As far as emailing back and forth with her allow 2-3 emails where you keep it light and funny with no heavy subjects or put downs – your object is to get her to meet you in the real world at a nice coffee shop or restaurant that everyone knows and she’ll feel comfortable at.

During that time with her you limit it to 45 minutes to an hour where you get her to laugh and see if she touches you.  I have way more on what you should be doing step by step over the first 60 days of a relationship (your beachhead that will set the foundation for everything with her) in my dating relationship education course called THE SYSTEM and The Doc Love Club so if you’re interested in learning more about this, then hit those links so that you’re so different than other guys that she wants to go beyond this first 45 minutes to an hour.

Online Dating Services#3:  Watch Out For Scammers

If a beautiful 20-something model looking type is messaging you and you notice the age range of guys she’s looking for is 45-70 then she’s probably actually a dude sitting in a basement looking to grab your credit card or social security number.  Basically if she looks too good to be true, then she probably is.

Scammers usually have unusual age ranges, ask you for money or personal information quickly, have generic profile text that is sometimes so badly written you can tell it is someone from a foreign country that doesn’t have a grasp of the nuances of English and other tell-tale signs.

The male ego so badly wants to believe that this girl who is 25 and looks like she could be a pro cheerleader is actually messaging you at age 48 looking to meet you ASAP but in the vast majority of cases it’s a scam.

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