3 Great Tips On How To Approach Women

How To Approach Women

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a LED sign on every woman’s forehead?  If it lights up red you have no chance, yellow is proceed with caution as she has more baggage than the average big city airport and green means she’s really into you, is a good girl and is hoping you’ll come over?

I think maybe a Hollywood writer could go with the premise above – might make for a great fantasy movie!  Since we deal in reality and it gets down to guesswork many times, I’ll share 3 great tips on how to approach women below.

How To Approach Women#1:  Don’t Be A Creep And Leave Lines For Bad B Movies

It’s funny we were just talking about movies above because in the bad ones (and sometimes the good ones) there are lousy lines that sometimes work (because they’re written to work).  On the streets, unless you’re Handsome Harry and can get away with a cheesy line then forget about it (and even the most handsome of men can’t sustain a constant stream of lousy conversation so they need to learn to limit bad lines to the silver screen as well).

Here’s the deal – WOMEN HELP YOU WHEN THEY LIKE YOU (and are available).  If you’re going to build anything with her and she’s a good person then it’s not going to be on some lame approach – because you know, as you go on in a relationship with her you’ll actually have to talk to her like a real person – so why not start the real talk at the beginning?

Notice something in the environment (IE, are you both in a long line that isn’t moving? You could say “I think the next ice age will be here before we get our tomatoes weighed) or you could just say hi.  IF she’s available, IF she’s a good girl and IF she likes you physically then she’ll respond positively.  If she doesn’t then you wasted what, 30 seconds of your life?

Remember, just talk to her as you would any person and see if you get a response – and if you don’t then it’s onto the next.

How To Approach Women#2:  Understand Your Environment

Pop quiz – where will you have a better chance of meeting her?  A wedding where your sister is the bride and she introduces you to her friend that showed up for the reception or at a loud nightclub where your potential Ms. Right has tipped back her 3rd Jack & Coke in the last half hour.  I’m not saying it’s impossible to meet women in a loud bar or that you’ll have 100% success at a wedding but the more low key the environment the more chance you have to just talk and get to know her.

At a nightclub you are probably the 15th guy to approach her that night and women naturally have their guards up – while at a wedding everyone is (generally) in a good mood and it’s more normal to talk in a non-threatening way.  Plus, you have the commonality of knowing someone associated with the wedding as opposed to maybe going in completely cold at a nightclub.

I can’t possibly cover every scenario where you might meet someone but keep in mind that the more things you have in common from the get-go and the more low-key it is, the better off you are (like a wedding, house party, seminar).

Also, I can’t emphasize enough that just approaching her when she’s alone on the street in public (like going to her car in the parking lot, walking down the block, etc.) is a big NO.  Talk about attacking a woman’s comfort level!  There are so many crazy stories out there that women are on their guard.  If you approach her and she is feeling fear then you won’t be getting the number and you might even be having a conversation with a law enforcement official before long so forget about the “street approach.”

How To Approach Women#3:  Don’t Be Scared

Have you ever seen headlines where a guy was physically harmed after innocently approaching a woman in a book store or at a wedding?  I’m sure there have been rare instances where a guy hit on a woman that was a psychopath and it turned out bad but the vast majority of time all you have to risk is a blow to your ego if she rejects you – and for some guys that’s the last thing they want!

I’m here to tell you that you have to PUT YOUR EGO ASIDE because it is your BIGGEST ENEMY.  I teach more methods of how to stamp down the useless noise your ego puts in your brain in my dating relationship education course called THE SYSTEM but for now it is enough for you to know that the worst that can happen is you feel a momentary rush of humiliation when you get rejected – because no one likes to be rejected.  However, getting rejected means you’re TRYING and TRYING is the only way you are going to find Ms. Right.  Plus, how do you know she’s going to turn you down?  You might be pleasantly surprised because that imaginary LED light might very well have been GREEN all along.

The point is to always give it a shot – you have nothing to lose.  Keep this in mind as well if you’re going back and forth as to whether to approach or not.  If someone gave you a million dollars to walk over to her and say something about the cantaloupe she’s looking at in the grocery store, could you do it?  For a cool million, of course you could!  You wouldn’t care what happened because you knew that your reward outweighed the risk.

I’m here to tell you that if you could do it for a million dollars you could do it for free because that momentary feeling you get when rejected is worth risking to possibly meet Ms. Right

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What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – let me know below!

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Charlie - 4 January 2015 Reply

There’s guys out there who’d rather flip the bird to a group of Hell’s Angels than approach a beautiful woman in a public setting. I should know……….

…….cause I used to be one 😉

Warren - 5 March 2015 Reply

You’re the man doc.

You should check out goodlookingloser.com
I think there’s some great stuff on there that you can take from even thouHG it’s pretty inappropriate. Same with boldanddetermined.com

    DocLove - 6 March 2015 Reply

    Thanks for your support

Wayne - 6 March 2015 Reply

Doc, you are spot on as usual. When I found myself single again I found a Christian singles group that held dances every Friday and Saturday night. I was scared pea green about approaching a woman to asked her to dance until it finally dawned on me, the lovely ladies were there waiting to be asked to dance. When I read the System about being Confident I adopted the strategy, “Fake it till you make it.” After asking ladies to dance and never being turned down once. the butterflies in my gut were eradicated and
approaching a lady was no different than approaching a water fountain for a drink. You are correct: When a woman likes you she helps you out. I love the System!

    DocLove - 7 March 2015 Reply

    Thanks for your support Wayne

King Arthur USA - 8 March 2015 Reply

DOC LOVE is correct, forget that Hollywood BS you see at the movie, forget Cosmopolitan Magazine. I bought the Doc Love book. Girls help you if they like you. And girls are no different in the USA as they are in England or anywhere in the world. The most genteel of a girl will test you. Guys go out there and ask the same questions as Doc Love has asked and you will find Doc Love is correct. Challenge, I sold the store every time I met a girl I never kept to the system. Now I am trying. Doc you are correct, Challenge and discipline. Don’t sell the store guys, be a New York Cop and ask her questions,,,,,, You don’t want a nut job, I have made all the mistakes guys now I am trying. Get the Doc Love book and save your mind and wallet from a battering

    DocLove - 9 March 2015 Reply

    Thanks for your support!

niko - 9 March 2015 Reply

It takes those 3 IF’S to stand a chance basically. If she says she has a boyfriend, is it ok to just tell her if you breakup and if your interested to give me a call ? And if i’m available i’ll be more than glad to take you out ?

    DocLove - 9 March 2015 Reply

    Probably a waste of time – just move on – you have a better chance of seeing the San Diego Chargers getting Andrew Luck in a trade this year than you do of receiving a call from a woman you randomly approached that is in a serious relationship

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