3 Ways To Be Better In Online Dating For Singles

Online dating for singles is becoming big because many of us have run out of time and are surrounded by devices that make it easy to connect with each other – you take those 2 factors and there you go – it’s time to find romance virtually.

What are the best ways to go about it?  How do you stand out from the millions online – how do you attract the one you want?

3 Ways To Be Better In Online Dating For Singles#1: Get TWO Professional Photographs

As Jerry Seinfeld once said, the first date is like a job interview that lasts all night long – so make sure that you are presenting the best image possible.  She flips through hundreds if not thousands of pictures and it takes less than a second to click through each one.  You’ll want a business-oriented pose and a more casual pose but you want a pro to do it.  If you’re worried about the expense then don’t – because if you can’t afford the professional photographs then it’s likely you can’t afford dating – you want to put your best out there so you attract the best.

3 Ways To Be Better In Online Dating For Singles#2:  Carpal Tunnel Is Not Needed

You want to banter with her back and forth on email so she’s comfortable but make it a max of 3-4 messages.  Anything more and you have a TIME WASTER on your hands who wants a virtual pen pal more than she wants a guy in her life.  One profile I read from a woman said:  “You can’t tell anything at all from internet pictures and I want to actually meet you soon so let’s not waste each other’s time with email.”  Bingo.

As I teach in my dating relationship education course called THE SYSTEM you always have to keep it light and funny with no heavy subjects or put downs.  This is especially true when it comes to online dating for singles – because it’s so easy to just ignore the person since you’ve never met each other.

Your whole object is to make her comfortable enough to meet you in the real world, which is the only place you can actually start building something anyway.

3 Ways To Be Better In Online Dating For Singles#3:  Get Out But Not For Long Though

She’s expecting this meeting in the real world to be a full on date but you’re going to be smarter than that.  First of all, you know nothing about her or even if her pictures are the most recent. What if you get there and you find she’s not what she looked like in photos and you’re immediately not attracted – do you really want to be committed to 3 hours and $100 on your Visa Card?

The better play, and this helps build MYSTERY and CHALLENGE (another thing I teach) if you do like her, is to keep it to an hour for a drink or a coffee at a nice place – that way you can spend enough time to see if you like each other but not too much that you’re stuck.  Also, the added bonus is that if she likes you, you’ll leave her wanting more.


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