3 Tips For Successfully Dating Women In The 21st Century

Are women really that much different today from the ones your older relatives talked about when relating their dating women stories?  Listen I get that were in the era of instant status updates that can connect folks to a YouTube Channel that tells your life story in the span of a half hour but I’m here to tell you that human nature hasn’t changed in thousands of years and that when you’re looking for Ms. Right then you better keep in mind the 3 tips for successfully dating women in the 21st century below.

3 Tips For Successfully Dating Women In The 21st Century#1:  Forget Technology

I’m not saying go back to the days of smoke signals and Pony Express (Google that fellas – or recall back to your 5th grade history class – it’s where they used to deliver messages by horse) but you shouldn’t be technology-dependent.

I know it’s funny that I’m telling you to use less technology considering you’re reading my dating tips for guys blog and I have a website, YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter but it is important you limit yourself on technology.

Why?  You must be a MYSTERY and CHALLENGE if you want to have success with her.  If you spend all your time texting, tweeting or sharing Vine videos with her then you are just burning yourself out in her mind.

It’s like when the WIMPUS AMERICANUS guys of the past spent hours talking on the phone only to realize she was BORED with them on the actual dates as she knew too much about them.

Women roll different – they want to get to know you SLOWLY – even if they protest that fact.  When you give them too much too soon then it’s easy for them to say “here’s another one I’ve got in my pocket.”  Of course they don’t say that outright but the results are when you get the “let’s be friends” speech from a girl that only weeks before couldn’t wait to give you her work number, home number and cell number.

It’s easier than ever for them to get information on you and in the relationship dating education course I teach you MUST BE A MYSTERY AND CHALLENGE if you want any chance.

3 Tips For Successfully Dating Women In The 21st Century#2:  What Kind Of Girl Is She?

If you think that integrity, kindness, flexibility, giving and having a sweet, supportive way about her is old-fashioned then you’re completely off base in what you should be looking for. I wrote an article in my popular book Mastery IV where I detailed whether or not I was “lost in the fifties” because I wanted her to have the things I just mentioned (and no, being “lost in the fifties” is not a bad thing if you read that article).

Guy, if you’re going to spend years, if not decades with her, you better make sure she has the qualities above – and women like that still exist.  You can’t settle for anything less because it’s better to be alone than to be with a life partner that is a nasty, taking, selfish person.

3 Tips For Successfully Dating Women In The 21st Century#3:  What Kind Of Guy Are You?

By the same token if you want to have a kind-hearted giving woman with integrity then you better be a guy that gives her respect, affection and romance – just not right away.  Okay, give her respect always but as far as romancing her or giving her too much affection keep MYSTERY and CHALLENGE in mind.

YES – she wants you to be romantic and affectionate – just not too soon!  I remember a story where a woman told me on the FIRST DATE he was trying to kiss her and put his arm around her and guess what?  He was OUT soon after.

She does want your attention but not until she’s comfortable.  Remember how I said women move SLOWLY?  You’re going to move even SLOWER and drive her crazy enough to come at you wanting more of your time because you’re smart enough to hold back.

Always keep in mind that she holds the REJECTION CARD and can pull it out at any time.  You will flip the tables on her because it’s impossible for her to REJECT you when she’s coming at you asking to see you because you’ve pulled a disappearing act on her.

Let me train you and you’ll see how to accomplish the above in no time at all!

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What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – let me know below!

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Spartan - 5 December 2014 Reply

Great article Doc, as always!

    DocLove - 5 December 2014 Reply

    Thanks for the support!

Wojtek - 16 December 2014 Reply

Hi Doc,

When you say that women holds the rejection card, do you mean in “long term period”? I have absolutely dominated my last girlfriend. She was ready to do anything for me. That become a reason that I decided to leave – she was no challenge for my any more. Of course there were many other remarks, but this was the major. I guess that I was holding the rejection card within these 3 months of our relationships.
Could you clarify the term “women holds the rejection card?

Wojtek from Poland

    DocLove - 17 December 2014 Reply

    Much better to call my radio show – I’m on every Wednesday http://www.datingwomenradioshow.com – if that time doesn’t work you can order phone coaching at the bottom of http://www.doclove.com – I need to be able to go back and forth with you and talk to you to accurately address any questions – thanks for writing

      NewRecruitDesigner - 31 December 2014 Reply

      Hey Doc, I just bought The System audio about 2 months ago. I was wondering if you could add a preview of first few pages of The System PDF to your website.

        DocLove - 1 January 2015 Reply

        Thanks for your support – I appreciate your purchase. We don’t provide THE SYSTEM PDF but if you wish you can take a 7-day free trial of http://www.docloveclub.com where there are a lot of articles and content for members only. I believe you’ll find it very valuable and you can test drive it for 7 days.

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