How To Tell If A Girl Likes You – Three Foolproof Ways

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You - Three Foolproof WaysEver hear this BRAINWASHING?
“You have to chase her.”

“Women play hard to get.”

“Just keep trying and you’ll win her over.”


 Those are popular but false statements that keep good guys like you running over and over again into brick walls with women you have ZERO chance with.

You want to know how to tell if a girl likes you?  Read the 3 foolproof ways that I teach in my dating and relationship education course called THE SYSTEM

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You - Three Foolproof Ways#1: Women Help You When They Like You
Let me tell you how a woman acts when she really likes you:

*Her body language has her leaning in toward you

*She asks you personal questions

*Her eyes are lit up as she’s talking to you

*It’s easy to talk to her

*She touches you – such as brushing your arm or leg as she laughs – at least once but usually multiple times

*You get no hesitation when asking for her number

*She doesn’t look away and give you one word answers to your questions

Gut feeling guys – don’t stop listening to the little voice inside you.  You know when a woman is into you – but sometimes you feel so strongly about a girl you really like that you try to project your INTEREST LEVEL on her.  You really want the girl you like to demonstrate the above and she doesn’t – so you make excuses as you try to grasp at straws hoping she’ll be into you – but remember this:


How To Tell If A Girl Likes You - Three Foolproof Ways#2: They Don’t Break Dates
Broken date = no chance.

Think about the women you REALLY LIKE – you know the ones that you can’t stop thinking about once you got her number.  Have you broken any of those dates?  Did you just decide a few hours before that she wasn’t for you?

I’m not talking about the girls that you were half into – I’m talking about the ones that had that immediate lump in the throat/your brain screams “who is THAT” feeling.

Have you broken dates with those women or were you counting the hours and then the minutes until you could pick them up?

It would take a catastrophe for you to miss the date with her and even then you’d probably try to reschedule during the ambulance ride.  If she doesn’t have the same feeling for you then FORGET IT.  Why would you want to waste your time and money on a girl that isn’t anticipating going out with you as much as you are her?

“Women are different Doc, ” you might say.


They’re just like us – they get strong feelings for guys just like we get them for ladies – ever seen a bunch of them at a concert as they’re watching a hot singer?  Yeah, so don’t tell me that they can’t act just like we do!

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You - Three Foolproof Ways#3: She’s Totally Focused On You

When you are on a date you might as well be the only person in the room because if she really likes you that’s how it will seem to you.  If you have to drag conversation out of her as she is looking more and more bored then you should forget it.

I would think that’s obvious to a lot of guys but sadly it’s not.  Again, with the BRAINWASHING in our society when it comes to dating women guys think that all they have to do is try harder and pursue more.

I’m going back to point #1 because it’s important.  If you don’t remember anything else from this article remember this:


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SP - 31 December 2014 Reply

Doc- so how would you tell when a woman is flirting with you because she likes you vs flirting just for the attention she knows you’ll give her and the feelings she’s creating in you? A lot of women touch, flirt, and ACT interested, but they’re really not…they’re just manipulating/using the guy for an ego boost, and he doesn’t realize it until he’s already completely invested in her.

My current (possible) example is a cute coworker who is always looking at me, and the other day when I had her make a correction on something she pressed her body against my side, out in the open where others could see her doing that. She has done this before as well, where I’ll be sitting at my desk and she’ll press her leg against my side or stand really close when I show her something on my computer.

Thing is, she has a boyfriend, who she’s been with for a long time now. Why would she be acting this way? Just playing games? Or attracted to me, despite not being single?

    DocLove - 31 December 2014 Reply

    Best thing to do is call me on my radio show every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. ET – you can get all the details and phone numbers here: Thanks for writing

Toby - 13 May 2016 Reply

Hey Doc, once again excellent article – I am a believer in the System. I recently had a situation where a girl was giving me strong buying signals, i.e. all of the ones in point 1 above, but many more including initiating flirting, pining for my attention, trying to get my attention by raising her voice when I am nearby, or trying to to laugh with guys in front of me to catch my attention (it was very obvious that she was doing this), getting jealous when I flirt with other girls and more. The more I employed Challenge the more she would be incoming and would be an initiator with me.

On one occasion when I met her, I just threw out mid conversation “Hey do you want to do dinner next Tuesday?”. I watched for any hesitation, but she very enthusiastically said “I would love to and it will be fun” – she was enthusiastic and did not hesitate for even a second. We continued chatting and a few minutes later, she told me that she was not sure if she would be in the city that day and needed to check (as she may be delayed on a business trip) – I hesitated, but should have said to her “Call me when you have a good day” (thus putting the onus on her) – I screwed up and the situation was left in the air. Note she didn’t counter offer. It just so happens my best friend works in the same office and told me her story checks out (she was definitely telling the truth and was not in the city). I decided to wait 2 weeks before asking again. I actually bumped into her a week after first asking her out and when chatting she was enthusiastic, but I detected a bit of dissapointment in her tone of voice when departing – I think she was upset I didn’t ask her again.

I waited 2 weeks (15 days) till her business trip was fully out the way and also as I had a lack of free days right after it. I tried calling her in the evening but she did not pick up (red flag), a few hours later she texted me saying she noted a missed call from me. I texted back if she wants to get a bite Monday night (5 days away). She waited a day and a bit to respond! (big red flag). She said she could do Monday or Tuesday, but would prefer Tuesday for a lunch date (red flag), but that she would let me decide out of the 3 choices (I thought she might be testing – but I now think she was trying to gently get out of dinner and trying to friendzone me). I told her let’s do dinner Tuesday. She did not need to text back to confirm (although this would have been more polite – red flag) and did not. I arranged the date but felt in my gut that something was very wrong (thanks to the System). I texted her 3 hours before the meet – “Are you still on Caprice?” – I wanted to pre-empt her. She texted back that she had an upset stomach and wanted to take a rain check (I don’t believe her). As she did not counter offer, I have written her off completely as I thought she was very rude the second time I asked her out and wasted my time. In the coming days, we crossed paths and I noticed that she was definitely avoiding me and pretended to not see me.

I am not going to ask her out ever again as she broke the date. But I can’t understand how a girl can go from hot to as cold as ice over such a short period – I wasn’t even around to lower her interest level. Could it be due to Caprice’s age. She turned 23 last month and I am 27. Was Caprice just flirting with me to boost her self esteem and truly had low interest level all along? Do you think she was annoyed that I did not ask her out again for 15 days and this lowered her IL below 50%?

All the best

    DocLove - 18 May 2016 Reply

    Thanks for the compliments Toby – you put out some very valid points – could be her age, could be low self-esteem and it could be that her parakeet had a crisis. What I like about what you did is you kept your wits about you and said NEXT when she didn’t do the right things. Great letter!

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