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Three Great Ways To Meet Single Women Free NOW

Looking to meet single women free?  I have 3 great strategies for you but keep in mind that while you can MEET her for free you can’t keep her without spending a little dough.  Dating can be expensive but don’t worry, I have a solution for you to cut your costs in dating that’s truly free at the end of the article.

Three Great Ways To Meet Single Women Free NOW#1: There’s Love On The WWW

Dating websites that are free like Plenty of Fish or the Smartphone app Tinder offer no cost platforms to meet tons of single ladies – and I’m sure if you dig around you can find more – but those are two of the more popular ones that I hear guys talking about.  Depending on your city size there are hundreds if not thousands of eligible females waiting for you virtually and you don’t have to guess if they’re looking for a guy or not because most of them consciously put their information on the Plenty of Fish or Tinder because they’re single and looking.

The drawback to these “freebie” dating platforms is the volume of guys that can send messages – and women generally get more messages than guys anyway – so you are up against any dude that has a computer and/or a Smartphone like yourself!  If you want to stand out from the other men then get some dating and relationship advice from me that has changed the lives of thousands around the world.

Three Great Ways To Meet Single Women Free NOW#2:  Get Out & Learn Something

There are a ton of free events and seminars in your town so cruise around and look for them – plus the bonus is that you’ll probably learn something you’re interested in.  It could be a free outdoor concert, wandering around a free day at the museum, a seminar at a college, etc. – there are just a ton of events going on anymore and you should take advantage of these because most likely women will be in attendance.

The nice thing is that if you truly have an interest in whatever is going on at the event there is already commonality that you can use to strike up a conversation.  I always teach guys in my dating and relationship education course that it is much better to be in an environment that’s non-threatening and have things to talk about – such as a wedding – where people’s guards are down and you can meet in a non-pressure way.

The bonus if you start dating her?  You’ll be able to go to more events like the one you met at and have some built in date ideas!

Three Great Ways To Meet Single Women Free NOW#3: Love At The Oil Change Place?

Look around – there are women everywhere!  Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation at the bank, grocery store, or while you’re waiting for your oil to get changed.  Make sure, however, to talk naturally with her though.  I would give you the same advice that I did in strategy two where you try to talk about something you have in common – except instead of speaking about the presentation you just heard, you’ll bring up something related to the environment you’re in.

For example, say your both in the waiting area at the oil change place and it’s taking a long time for your cars to get done or some guy was acting goofy at the counter or the weekend is supposed to be nice in your city – whatever – just find something that makes sense as to what’s going on around you at that moment.

Remember not to be creepy! You’re not going to strike up a conversation to talk about her body parts or how attractive you find her or anything else that puts pressure on her as if you’re trying to get a date with her. YES, I know that’s what you’re trying to do but just come at her naturally with the conversation – if she really likes you and is not hooked up she’ll be amiable to your charms – if not it was just a 5 minute conversation before you paid for your oil change – no biggie!

Guys these days think you have to spend a ton of money on dating and I’m here to tell you that you need to follow a strategy so that you truly make sure she’s interested before pulling out your Visa Card for the Surf & Turf.  If you take my 7-day free trial at the hyper-popular Doc Love Club that gets you over 90 hours of audio and articles for members only then you’ll see that by following MY SYSTEM you will weed out the time wasters that want to burn your money and only spend your precious money and time on Ms. Right.  Not sure what my SYSTEM is?  That’s okay – when you take the 7-day free trial you’ll get 8 FREE chapters (out of 176) to my SYSTEM Audio Book – and it’s all FREE!

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