Three Must Have Tips On Dating Women!

The world of dating is confusing to a lot of guys – and most of you are pretty good at it but you could use some tweaks.  Hey, even a plane flying cross country has to keep making adjustments so that it doesn’t take a bunch of folks looking to enjoy a Vegas Vacation and end up depositing them somewhere in Oregon.

What are the adjustments you need to make so that you end up as her boyfriend (and more) instead of getting the dreaded “let’s just be friends” speech -and doesn’t that USUALLY happen after you’ve dinged your Visa to the point that Morgan Freeman shows up on your doorstep and thanks you for buying enough to extend his commercial contract another few years!

THREE MUST HAVE TIPS ON DATING WOMEN#1:  Man, It Doesn’t Matter How You Feel

Pretty callous right?  I don’t care how you feel guy – we’re men and our feelings don’t count when it comes to dating women.  Why?  It’s assumed that you’re not an idiot and that you actually asked a girl out that you like and it doesn’t matter how much you like her.  Many men project their own feelings onto the lady assuming that since they like her so much she will like you back equally – but it doesn’t work that way.

Welcome to the concept of FEMALE INTEREST LEVEL.  INTEREST LEVEL itself is a degree of love – anything below 50% is the “let’s be friends” speech and 100% is her robbing banks for you (not really but you get the point).

Again, I assume your INTEREST LEVEL is high so what matters is her INTEREST LEVEL – you have to be able to look for signs that she has at least 51% INTEREST LEVEL in you (which I teach guys to do in what you could call my “relationship dating education course” called THE SYSTEM).

If HER INTEREST LEVEL isn’t 51% or higher then you have no shot and Mr. Freeman is warming up his golden pipes in anticipation of all the money you’ll waste on his employer.


If going rapidly in dating really worked then why not wander up to women on the street with a ring in your pocket bending down on one knee to the first girl that locks eyes with you.  Try that a few times and then when you get sick of having the sheriff haul you off then I have a better idea for you.

Listen, I’m being ridiculous up there to make a point – guys these days roll so FAST.  I think it’s because of our go-go-go-GOOOOOOOOOOO  society where your updates come to you in 6 second videos or 140 characters – we’re used to instantaneously getting – well, pretty much EVERYTHING.

However, the “mating dance” hasn’t changed in thousands of years – so be aware of what she needs and your role in it.

What is the “mating dance” I refer to?  The female of the species has being getting pursued by the male of the species forever and holds the REJECTION CARD.  You know the one where she either outright tells you no or “just can’t see you until the Cleveland Browns win a Super Bowl” (in other words – a LONG TIME).

When you think about it, that REJECTION CARD can appear any time – from the time you get the courage to walk up to her, to calling her, to setting a date, to picking her up, and then rinsing and repeating – at any time during that period she can just say TIME OUT – YOU’RE OUT.  Why?  Because you’re always ASKING!




She’s like one of those old time stereotypical CEO’s in those grainy black and white movies where the worker is coming to beg for a penny a year raise and gets glared at – she can flush you at anytime.

Before you pull your hair out or explode – I have a solution to this – YOU FLIP THE SCRIPT ON HER.  MOST EVERY GUY calls within a day or two (sometimes an hour or two) so you wait 5-9 days and do many other things that I teach that will set you apart from all the other guys just waiting to have a rejection card dropped on them like your average NFL DB is looking for the flag after he looks at a WR the wrong way.

The bottom line is you blunt THE REJECTION CARD by going in slower than the other guys and being a bit of a mystery to her because no other guy does that.

THREE MUST HAVE TIPS ON DATING WOMEN#3: You Don’t Owe Her Anything But Fun & Respect

I could break this tip down to the don’ts – namely DON’T talk about your problems, DON’T talk about your exes, DON’T talk about the trike that broke when you were 3 (and caused you to be in therapy until your teenage acne attack caused more angst), DON’T stare at the waitresses….ANYTHING (even if she is hotter than your date), DON’T ask for the next date during the date, DON’T talk about the future, DON’T reveal how much you like her, DON’T dominate the conversation (let her talk mostly), DON’T let the date go on too long (let her want more) and DON’T put your mitts on her or get in her space.

All you care about is that she laughs a lot, feels respected and is hungry for another date with you because she can’t quite figure you out or where you’re coming from.  She’s pretty must used to guys tripping over themselves trying to make her the girlfriend and you’re going to be different – YOU’RE GOING TO BE A MYSTERY AND A CHALLENGE if you allow me to train you.

You went this far so you might as well get a 7-day free trial to my hyper popular Doc Love Club that gives you way more than 3 tips on dating women.  In fact, I have over 90 hours of audio on there, articles like this for members only and just for test driving your 7-day free trial I’ll give you 8 free chapters to my SYSTEM AUDIO BOOK – which is THE SYSTEM I refer to above but inaudio format.  How about that?  A 7-day free trial that comes with 8 out of the 176 chapters you get in the audio book and none of this costs a dime?  I’d take advantage of it if I were you!

What do YOU think?  Don’t be shy – talk to me below.

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