“Why Can’t I Find A Girlfriend?” 3 Possible Reasons Why

"Why Can't I Find A Girlfriend?" 3 Possible Reasons WhyIf you ever asked yourself the question “why can’t I find a girlfriend” then you are asking something many guys have grappled with but the key is to not let it paralyze you.  If you let it your brain will come up with all sorts of negative reasons why.  If you ask that question and then start to answer “Because I’m too <fat, skinny, tall, short, smart, dumb, etc., etc.>” then you’ve already set yourself up for failure.

The better thing to do is start with YOU – finding a girlfriend doesn’t begin with her – it is all about what you bring to the table.  I teach guys that they have to be the type of guy she wants to be with – in other words you attract what you become.

Keeping that in mind, here are 3 possible reasons why you’re struggling:

"Why Can't I Find A Girlfriend?" 3 Possible Reasons Why#1:  You Don’t Pay Enough Attention To The Image You Present

If you want a classy lady you can go long-term with you have to be a classy guy.  Yes, yes, I know you’ve seen beautiful women with what you consider to be dirtbags but take that out of your skull – you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors in their relationship and just because she’s beautiful and articulate doesn’t mean she isn’t a dirtbag either.  I teach guys to look for FLEXIBLE GIVERS THAT ARE KIND AND GENTLE (you can get more in my relationship advice column weekly found on my blog).

If you want to attract a lady like that pay attention to your teeth (FIX THEM if they’re bad), your clothes, and the way you groom yourself (growing a forest out of your nose? get out the chainsaw – err, nose clippers).

Beyond your physical appearance do you pay attention to the way you speak to women?  Do you have a light and funny demeanor or are you Mr. Serious or even Mr. Angry?  Remember that she’ll be attracted to the way you look (so look the best you can) but also if you’re what SHE considers a DIRTBAG then you have no shot.

"Why Can't I Find A Girlfriend?" 3 Possible Reasons Why#2:  You’re Too Needy (Or Too Macho)

FLEXIBLE GIVERS don’t want a guy up in their grills (texting her 3 minutes after you get her number, sending flowers the next day, calling all the time) nor do they want a caveman that thinks he owns her.  Women want a GENTLEMAN – the perfect mix of Mr. Sensitive and Mr. Cro-Magnon.  You also have to learn how to be a CHALLENGE because women, whether they like to admit it or not, love the chase.

#3:  You Start Out Strong And Finish Weak

Everything was going GREAT for the first few months or so and then bam – once again you’re out in the cold.  Why?  In many cases it’s because the guy thinks he can relax once he’s got her. First of all UNTIL SHE’S YOUR GIRLFRIEND COUNT ON NOTHING WHEN IT COMES TO HER.  I don’t care if you’ve had 8 dates with her and you think she’s the greatest thing going since the networks decided to show football nearly all week long – she is a STRANGER until you really vet her out.

I see so many guys OVERRATE her feelings towards them just because they’re attracted to her and she *seems* like a good girl.  I teach guys to go SLOWLY and really make sure she has long-term potential.

Assuming that you found a long-term potential candidate – and I assure you that if you’re reading my materials for the first time your definition of what constitutes long-term potential is much different from mine (due to all the brainwashing in your head from the major media and Hollywood) – don’t veer from what got her.

So many guys start out one way with the girl and think they can “relax and be themselves” once she’s showing signs of being into you (or if she’s your girlfriend).


Remember this – ROMANTIC LOVE IS CONDITIONAL – if you want her long-term you must start out strong and stay strong – for, say, about 40 years (or however long you’re together).

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niko - 30 March 2015 Reply

How do i know i have bad teeth or not. I mean my front teeth are spaced out a bit. Not the nicest shape but there not dirty or filthy. Sometimes i don’t like my own smile.
I mean you don’t know the reasons if you don’t past the physical. I mean to what degree you have to do dental work. Does it have to be perfect ?

    DocLove - 1 April 2015 Reply

    Great question for the radio show – please call me Wednesdays (free) – 5:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. ET – you can get the phone #’s at http://www.datingwomenradioshow.com – thanks for commenting

scott schweiger - 3 June 2016 Reply

As usual your advice is on point.I’m 59 years young and have the System,all Mastery series and am a Club member.I began with the System after my divorce in 2010.
Initially I had very little success with dating but I began to work on myself.
I cut my hair short,became “too clean”,dressed sharp,quit drinking, began doing push-ups and sit ups and was swimming a mile a day.In about 6 months I had lost 40 lbs and regained my competitive swimming weight.I was getting ready while studying the System.My goal was to be the best I could be physically and mentally,no matter what happened!
I began to “practice” on women anywhere I had an opening and follow the golden rules(keep it light,funny,no heavy subjects,no put downs,no negatives). I had many broken dates,bad dates and professional daters.At least now I knew what was going on!My confidence continued to grow as I continued to study and I never ever gave up on myself. Was it easy? No, but I knew I was on the right track!
In February 2011, I met a woman who I studied for 1 and 1/2 years. No red flags, a smart, self reliant girl, who was 4 years younger than me. She was a real flexible giver with a great attitude and very high interest level in me(she was also 5’8″,a runner and a knockout,but you can’t judge the book by the cover!). We never had an argument. We disagreed sometimes,but we could work anything out. She was sweet,serene and always supportive and it went both ways because of my training(your coaching!). Six months later we were married and have been very happily married over 3 years. I continue to study and we both listen to the show every week.
Thanks for all you and Jeff do, it’s the real deal!
Scott in Cincinnati:)

    DocLove - 8 June 2016 Reply

    Thank you so much for your kind words – and you’re right – THE SYSTEM works

Glenn - 5 June 2016 Reply

you answered your own question. it is never too late to get braces. get braces and get your teeth whitened. Girls like to see a guy smile.

    DocLove - 8 June 2016 Reply

    I appreciate you weighing in

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